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Expert Laser Hair Removal in Droitwich Spa

Take advantage of our amazing laser and pulsed light hair removal today. Here at Worcester Laser Clinic we offer a range of hair removal treatments, including SHR (Super Hair Removal), IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Super IPL hair removal options. All options are permanent and pain free.

IPL and Super IPL Hair Removal

Intense pulsed light (IPL) technology provides a swift, non-invasive method of hair removal for most skin types and hair colours. It is accomplished by transferring light energy into the skin creating heat that warms the hairs and causes damage to the main growth follicles. Our IPL hair removal treatments are effective on most areas of the body - on both men and women - as well as the face. IPL produces less discomfort than alternative treatments such as electrolysis, waxing, tweezing and plucking but you will be required to shave the area that you are having treated prior to your appointment.

Regular Treatments

Before you begin your hair removal treatment, you will be required to undergo a patch test. Sessions are carried out at 4-weekly intervals. Usually, you will require between 5 and 12 treatments for permanent hair removal depending on your skin/hair type and colour.

SHR – Super Hair Removal System

At Worcester Laser Clinic we also offer SHR (super hair removal) which is the advanced IPL mode. It is a new technology and provides good results on darker skin types and even tanned clients. This treatment is also faster by up to 50% thus reducing your appointment time.

Laser Hair Removal

SHR and IPL removals both work on the same principle. SHR also uses the ability to heat hairs and damage hair follicles by attacking them with light energy however it is slightly different to IPL in that it makes use of the specific properties that a laser possesses. Lasers are easily controlled and can be concentrated onto a small area and travel a large distance without spreading out. The laser also travels deeper down into the pore, providing a concentrated blast of light to the hair follicle and can therefore be tailored within the treatment it is being used for.

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